Why Plastic Injection Moulding

With so many plastic processes available why would you choose plastic injection moulding to manufacture your product or pack?

Cost Effective

  • Very little post-production work required because the parts are finished upon ejection.
  • Reduction of waste (time and material).
  • Reduced manual labour.
  • High production output makes plastic injection moulding more efficient. More parts per cycle.


  • Plastic injection moulding can produce an incredible amount of parts per hour using a single mould.
  • The actual moulding process is very quick compared to other methods of moulding.
  • A majority of the injection moulding process is automated, performed by machines and robotics which a sole operator can control and manage.


  • Tool is designed around customer requirements: quantities required, cavitation and cycle time.
  • Once you have a tool made, without lots of difficulties, you can change the material and colour of the part being produced.
  • More than one material may be used at the same time when utilising co-injection moulding.


  • Injection moulds are subject to extremely high pressure. Complex and intricate shapes can easily be manufactured.
  • In-Mold Decoration technology allows the label to be moulded together with the plastic parts, requiring no secondary process.
  • Secondary processes: foil printing, pad printing, label application.


  • Same consistent product, every time. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) ensures close tolerances during the making of the moulds.
  • Moulds are durable and have a long lifespan, producing millions of parts during its lifetime.
  • Furthermore, automation allows for making precise and accurate injection moulds.


  • Most plastics are recyclable. e.g. Amaray regrinds up all plastic waste and defective parts, and reuses it.
  • Reduces carbon emissions and avoids landfill.
  • Government plastic recycling targets have increased.
  • Most rigid plastics can be disposed of in Household Collection Bins.

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