Our Approach

We are proactive in our approach to sustainability and work closely with our customers to meet their environmental objectives.

As a high-volume plastic injection molder we have many sustainability initiatives in place and our strategy ensures we are responsible from raw material selection through to product disposal. 


Through innovative thinking we reduce the amount of plastic required to make the product a success, ensuring quality and performance are not sacrificed along the way. We look at superior structural design and component reduction to maximize the beneficial properties plastics offer.


Selecting the right plastic will dramatically reduce the effect on our environment. By limiting the variety of plastic used in each product, we make it easier for consumers to recycle. Making best use of the material ensures we gain maximum value.

Injection Molding & Manufacturing

We are continuously addressing our impact on the environment and are always looking to gain operation efficiencies where possible. We focus our efforts on using multi-cavity tools with faster cycle times, not to just improve production output, but to reduce our energy consumption. 


A key advantage for our customers within sustainability is Closed Loop, our internal process in which residual plastic waste and excess stock is re-used to make something new.

Plastic waste often occurs in manufacturing during colour purges, implementing new molds, completing maintenance, and carrying out quality compliance checks. The primary ambition of Closed Loop is to manage this waste by re-using it.

Whilst Closed Loop supports our environmental and sustainability objectives it continues to deliver further value to our customers. With Closed Loop, we offer the opportunity for customers to return excess inventory to our factories for regrinding and re-use. The regranulated plastic is closely monitored to ensure each customer receives their recycled material via an alternative product.

Our Closed Loop and Recycling Centers continue to reduce the demand for virgin material, reducing the impact on the environment across the entire supply chain. In addition, maximizing the value of plastics and reducing waste creates significant cost savings for our customers.

Read our Environmental Management Policy for more detail about our approach.

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