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Opening our doors to students to deliver insight of our business, manufacturing and the plastics industry.

26 April 2016

On the 7th July our Corby facility will be opening its doors to students from the surrounding area to talk to them about our business and give tours of our workplace. 

For many plastic businesses recruitment continues to be a challenge and this is gradually becoming affected by the declining number of science graduates and technical apprentices’. Our Open Day experience is a great opportunity for us to share our insight and knowledge of manufacturing, the plastics industry and the science of plastic injection molding, for future of the plastics industry starts with a better understanding of the many benefits it delivers to consumers and the environment. We hope on the day, through a variety of activities to inspire and motivate young people to explore the different pathways into the plastics sector. 

The ‘Open Doors’ experience will also include presentations on branding, packaging design, and strategic diversification, whilst providing information on the necessary skills and qualifications required to become a part of the growing plastics industry.

The experience follows the well-received first Open Doors initiative introduced last year by the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership. It helps employers to forge stronger links with local secondary schools to capitalise on young people’s talents available right on their doorstep.

The event will be held on the 7th July.

For further information on the experience, please visit Eventbrite

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