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We are proud to announce the implementation of Operation Clean Sweep.

22 March 2017

Operation Clean Sweep is a stewardship programme introduced by the British Plastics Federation with an aim to prevent plastic pellets contaminating the environment.

The BPF states that in recent years and with increasing frequency, researchers have reported that seabirds, turtles, and fish are ingesting a wide variety of plastic items that are killing them or affecting their health. Most of these plastics are used consumer products that have been carelessly discarded. Some of this litter is resin pellets that entered the waste stream and the oceans from manufacturing facilities.

While consumers are responsible for the proper disposal of the products they use, the plastics industry must focus on proper containment of the products it uses and that includes plastic pellets, the basic raw material of the industry.

Amaray will work through the Clean Sweep Prevention Guide to ascertain opportunities to support this environmental initiative.


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