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Come and chat with us at the PEF March 2017

07 March 2017

Karn Richmond, our European Business Development Manager will be on-hand to listen and help you identify opportunities to bring creative and engaging packaging to life.

In addition, Karn is available to discuss details of how Amaray can provide expertise and solutions for cost leadership manufacturing through our on-site optimised processes. This an ideal opportunity for high volume, market leading brands who seek tighter control of manufacturing costs to engage and learn more about how our business makes good things better in a multitude of different ways.


About Karn

Karn has 18 years of comprehensive knowledge and experience within the Packaging Industry. As a positive and creative thinker, Karn’s passion and achievements naturally reflect the Amaray way, to overcome challenges to deliver sustainable and long-term profits to his customers’.


About PEF

The Packaging Excellence Form is an executive platform to discuss the industry challenges for Innovations, Sustainability, Branding & Marketing, Inspirational & Active Packaging. 

Packaging Excellence Forum


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