The Role of Packaging

Whether you’re getting ready to create packaging for a new product or you’re considering revitalising packaging of an existing product, our understanding of its role and consumer behaviour can help influence the design you choose to make your product a success.


Packaging must contain and protect the product from damage during transit, in retail and for use within the home. Packaging retained throughout the products entire life must be practical, functional and durable.


Attractive packaging that catches the eyes of a consumer when browsing is more likely to be purchased than that which has no ‘stage presence’. First impressions count.


Packaging plays an important role in communicating information about the product and the brand. Secondary packaging may contain directions on how a product is used or consumed. This information can help sell the product because it enables customers to obtain the necessary information they desire before making the purchase. 


Packaging that communicates effectively can differentiate itself from competitors quickly. A loyal consumer can easily identify the product they want when shopping, reducing their time to consider alternative products. Added-value packaging can also be a differentiating factor and help influence repeat sales. With convenience being an important part of consumer lives, great packaging that supports ease of use and enhances their moment of truth experience can make all the difference to a consumer’s decision to purchase in the future.

The role of packaging

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