Making good packaging, better.

The importance of packaging cannot be underestimated. Packaging influences consumer choice, behaviour and product experience, influencing attitudes and potential future purchases.

Amaray consumer packaging    Amaray consumer packaging    Amaray consumer packaging

Satisfying needs

Our packaging takes into account consumer preferences and the buying behaviour. We identify immediate consumer needs and the subsequent process of consumption, considering brand perception, consumer experience, and final evaluation. We also consider the environmental impact of plastic and design multi-use packaging that is 100% recyclable.

Delivering additional benefits

Consumers believe packaging is part of the product and the brand. So our packaging is designed to create more value than the standard, yielding a positive experience through interaction and ease of use.

Building brand loyalty

With both product and packaging convenience playing significant roles in future purchases, brands cannot solely rely on the persuading power of attractive packaging. Better packaging affects a consumer's evaluation and with an enhanced experience can inspire repeat purchases.

Amaray packaging differentiation


Value Added Packaging

Good design improves the quality of life.

The Role of Packaging

A greater understanding delivers a greater response.

Personal Care

Making lives, better

Home Care Packaging

We believe in making anything possible.

Food Packaging

Everyday, for everybody

Pharmaceutical Packaging

We recognise the importance of reliable and responsible packaging.

Media Packaging

Global leader in media and software disc packaging for over 20 years.

Specialist Moulding

Our invaluable knowledge and vast capabilities define us as your perfect manufacturing partner.