Red Tag

"A merchandising solution designed to create a positive sales environment and deter shoplifting. Reducing in-store costs and increasing sales."

The problem:

  • Desirable products attract thieves - theft rates increase
  • Four security solutions were available to retailers; master bagging (removing DVD and storing under checkout), placing DVD with case into a safer (a large secured plastic box), wrapping product in a spider wrap (an electric device that when breaks an alarm sounds), or an EAS label (white label that set off the security alarm at the entrance/exit
  • Security solutions can be expensive, require storage space and add further cost, demanding additional staff time to implement and remove
  • These solutions deter consumer interaction and the potential impulse purchase

In summary, retailers had created a negative selling environment that discouraged theft, but deterred consumers and reduced sales. In addition, retail store costs were increased via expensive protection systems, storage and staff labour. This reduced profitability per square metre.

How we made things better for retailers:

We created Red Tag, a holistic EAS tag with simple integration into the products packaging, enabling retailers to merchandise desirable products ‘live’ whilst protecting them from theft. It actively promotes simple and spontaneous purchasing, reducing barriers to sales by improving the ease of purchase for customers and enhancing their shopping experience.

  • Retail stores will sell 20%+ more product (proven through retail trials)
  • Red Tag is quick to implement / remove
  • Minimal storage space is required
  • Reduces retailer costs: labour, shrinkage, security merchandising, storage
  • Encourages consumer interaction with product
  • Increases potential of impulse purchase
  • Allows more product on the shelf - reducing out of stock situations
  • Ease of purchase – Red Tag is quick to remove at the checkout
  • Improve customer experience & long term service

Functional, efficient and flexible enough to provide retailer and brand benefits across beauty and personal care, consumer electronics and media markets.

For more information on how it works, visit or view our detailed PDF here.

Red Tag Benefits

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