"Improving design to extend product life, produce higher grade product, and deliver lower total cost."

Proptek, with over 30 years experience specialize in plant propagation technology with a main focus on injection molded trays for vegetables, ornamentals, woody shrub production, forestry and fruit and nut trees.

Their trays and containers are designed to ensure a better quality plant and make use of techniques such as “air pruning” in order to achieve this.


  • Nearly 100% of US tobacco is started in EPS trays
  • EPS trays are nearly impossible to sanitize
  • EPS trays degrade quickly and have an average of 5 year life span
  • EPS pellets penetrate harvested leaf and cause infestation
  • There is no practical way to dispose EPS trays

Our solution to make this good thing, better:

  • We designed a recyclable polypropylene tray with a 20 year life span
  • This tray doesn't have pores that can harbor disease - hygienic benefits
  • Tray washing & sanitizing process is simplified
  • Polypropylene pellets do not infect harvested leaf
  • Tray fits existing seeding lines, so no further investment for additional equipment needed
  • Tray maintains bouyancy (IP) enabling same growth process

Amaray benefits

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