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The challenge:

Global software leaders Microsoft, required a proven packaging supplier to design and manufacture new packaging for their new Windows 7 and Office 14 products. Being a supplier that values efficiency, consistency and reliability our brief was to maintain their existing branded packaging while reducing costs. We also needed to meet the very high launch volumes for this high profile new product introduction.

How we made good things, better:

With media packaging being one of our core markets we were able to use our knowledge and 'know how' to create something new, yet easily recognisable.

  • We designed the packaging (plastic & cardboard combination)
  • We managed the tool build
  • Positioned the tools in the most cost efficient location


  • The combination all of our capabilities enabled us to successfully produce a new packaging concept for the 4th largest brand in the world
  • We met the worldwide launch volumes on time despite volumes coming in 30% over forecasts
  • Our existing long term relationships with key suppliers helped to shorten the lead time and reduce the costs by 50%
  • Overall the launch was a huge success and Microsoft’s worldwide brand was ensured

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