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Committed to design, partnerships, and performance, we can make a real difference to the long-term success and profitability of your project.

The importance of working closely with our customers is vital for packaging development and new product introduction. We share our customers' vision of success, understanding their requirements at every stage is critical for developing and implementing a successful plan.

We identify concerns up-front to ensure a problem-free project where compromises are avoided and the long-term quality and cost goals are achieved.

Our service is customised to suit you.

  • We provide support within packaging design, concept development, manufacturing and mould transfer
  • We work with packaging designers to ensure packaging is optimised and designed for high-speed moulding
  • We customize manufacturing cells and automation specific to customer requirements
  • We utilize the best tools to deliver high-quality products
  • We provide mass-volume production for global product launches


Amaray project management

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If you are looking for customised packaging to encourage sales and enhance your brand, our exceptional and unique service will truly make the difference. Let's talk.

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