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Committed to design, partnerships, and performance, we can make a real difference to the long-term success and profitability of your project.

The importance of working closely with our customers is vital for concept and product development. We value and share our customers' vision of success, understanding their requirement in every stage of the process is critical for developing and implementing a successful plan designed to fulfill expectations. We always identify concerns up-front to ensure a smooth problem free project where compromises are avoided and the long term quality and cost goals are ensured from the outset.

  • Our service is customized to suit you
  • We can provide any level of support within new product introduction or cost saving mold transfer opportunities
  • We aid product design for efficient manufacturing and material optimization through reverse engineering techniques
  • Design & source the most appropriate tooling
  • Develop manufacturing cells and automation specific to production requirements
  • Provide global support for product launches that require consistent global quality standards
  • Improve speed to market through optimized processes

Learn more about our approach to 'Make Good Things, Better' here.

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Amaray project management

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If you are looking to launch a new product or innovative pack into the market place, our exceptional and unique service will truly make the difference, establishing you a long-term plan to deliver success and profitability. Let's talk.

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