High Speed Injection Moulding

High volume, highly automated, highly efficient plastic injection moulding is our core capability and key strength.

With over 50 years experience moulding plastic, our highly skilled work-force use their invaluable experience to develop robust tools that deliver the greatest products to our customers.

It's through the process of injection moulding that we manufacture a variety of products including; hinged caps and closures, thin-walled containers, dispensers, over caps, tamper evident closures, plastic basins, thick and thin-walled jars.

The benefits of injection moulding include:

  • Complex shapes and designs can be achieved
  • High production output rates | Variety of tool sizes available to suit demand
  • Competitive cost savings through minimal post-production work
  • Consistency in design and precision. Repeatability guaranteed.
  • Customisation | Flexibility in material and colour choice
  • Good for the environment | High return on material usage with low wastage & scrap

Our injection moulded tools are fully optimized for efficiency gains:

  • We have a fully automated production environment
  • In-line assembly and decoration
  • High-velocity material flow
  • Optimum cycle times
  • 24/7 injection moulding
  • ISO 9001 Quality Systems

Read more about the benefits of automation and optimisation here.

Amaray plastic injection molding

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