Packaging Development

We create customised branded packaging that excites consumers, inspires purchases and embeds life into a brand.

Packaging goes beyond protection and storage and acts as a valuable communication tool for brands, embedding and delivering key messages to its target customers. Our intelligence of consumer behaviour and purchasing trends, blended with marketplace knowledge ensures we develop innovative packaging that is exciting, functional and relevant.

We convert your brand's spirit into an ideal pack, a physical, functional container that accurately reflects the desired positioning.

Our cyclical approach focuses on the consumer first:

  • FEELING | Is the packaging designed for me?
  • SAFETY | Is the packaging trustworthy, safe for use, and socially responsible?
  • WELL-BEING | Is the packaging suitable for the product and the environment?
  • FULFILMENT | Does it make me feel good or does it frustrate?
  • CONVENIENCE | Does it complement the situation in which I use it?
  • PERFORMANCE | Does it perform as expected and would I buy the experience again?

Then from a manufacturing perspective, we evaluate:

  • Mouldability
  • Material optimisation to improve unit cost
  • Prototype models for modifications and trials
  • Mould flow analysis to define best tooling solution
  • Assembly and decoration requirements
  • Automation to increase output and maintain cost targets

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If you are looking for customised packaging to encourage sales and enhance your brand, our exceptional and unique service will truly make the difference. Let's talk.

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