Automation For Optimization

High-volume manufacturing is reliant on automation and robotics.

A successful and defining characteristic of our business is our ability to seamlessly integrate automation so that customers receive the maximum benefits available from high-volume manufacturing. Our production cells are fully automated; from the material selection at the silo, right through to palletising and banding.

Our injection moulding cells and secondary decoration processes all feature robotic handling systems to ensure we maintain world-class efficiency performance.


Decrease Cycle Time

Robotics can complete repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and improving output.

Improve Quality and Reliability

Robotic handling systems work with constant precision and ensure products are manufactured to the same specifications every time.

Waste Prevention

With high-quality products being moulded consistently, waste and its associated costs are reduced and maintained.

Flexibility and Longevity

Automation is extremely versatile and can be used for multiple applications.

Better Floor Space Utilization

We use automation to utilise floor space and maximise production per square metre. This improves the efficiency levels of our factories and contributes to superior performance overall.

Automation ensures our customers stay competitive and responsible

By providing customers with high-volume and high-speed output, we reduce the overall consumption of material and energy, to reduce cost and minimise our impact on the environment.

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Dynamic automation in one manufacturing cell.

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