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Amaray, as an innovative and market leading business, has a lot to be proud of and our people are a major part of that.

Our reputation is built on supplying high-quality product and superior service. We passionately believe that our values deliver results that exceed customer expectations. Our employees are customer focused and solution orientated. With an average of over 15 yrs tenure and with 25% of staff in advanced roles, our expertise and knowledge guarantee extreme customer satisfaction.

The spine of our business is built upon our core values:

Engagement | Passionate, motivated and committed

We believe that a fully engaged and supported workforce encourages motivation and delivers high performance in all departments throughout our business. Recognising that our employees are assets, we take pride in their development and molding their future into extremely talented individuals.

Customer Driven | The fuel for our passion

We focus on building long term, sustainable relationships centred around honesty, authenticity and trust.

Excellence | Naturally Amaray, accepting only the best

Through continuous improvement, lean manufacturing and a world class philosophy to making good things better, we are committed to presenting value to our customers and consumers.

Innovation | Making good things, better

Our aim is to continuously develop new ideas, improve processes and create inspiring products that deliver total customer satisfaction. We create and capture extra value for our customers through a unique approach that considers all possibilities and combines the old with the new.

Integrity | Complete honesty and strong moral principles

It is our responsibility to do the right thing at the right time, it brings our community closer together, and the success of our company relies on our consistent and continuous approach. With an open mind, we demonstrate the utmost respect for our employees, customers, and suppliers, adhering to their moral and ethical principles. 

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