Making Good Things Better

When is good, good enough?

Our ambition is to enrich people’s lives, delivering smiles to consumers all around the world, every day. Our fresh and forward-thinking approach gives time and convenience back to consumers. With stress-free packaging, consumers can dedicate their time to things that really matter. Our intelligence focuses on customised added-value packaging that strengthens brand to consumer relationships and encourages loyalty purchases.

Through our extensive knowledge of high-volume plastic manufacturing, we efficiently produce innovative plastic solutions that stand the test of time, to life. With a proactive and motivated approach to product and process design, we use automation, lean management and continuous improvement to define the future of plastic manufacturing. 

It is believed that full potential can only be achieved when we are prepared to push ourselves and success is a matter of choice and not chance. Not something to wish for, but to achieve. It is the result of challenging yourself every day. That's the Amaray approach. It's in our DNA. That's how we make good things better.

  • We design and manufacture functional packaging to meet the ever-changing customer needs and promote repeat sales
  • Our approach will positively enhance reputation and encourage customer loyalty
  • Our highly efficient manufacturing facilities ensure customer budget and speed to market goals are achieved
  • Our environmental impact is important and monitored for improvements across all areas of our business

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Our motivation is simple, our vision is clear.

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