We are a company with a history of innovation, continually exceeding customers’ requirements through an advanced approach to technology and plastic product manufacturing.

Amazingly, the company that evolved into Amaray began life in 1880 manufacturing lead-based plumbing products and was formally known as Dubois Ltd.

However, the advent of plastics in the 1960’s saw the first of many changes to the business as we introduced polypropylene injection molding as a competency. As the growth of plastics continued plastic molding became our core strength and capability. Through the 1970s & 80's we were key manufacturers for valued and recognised brands in the DIY and Pharmaceutical markets, molding solutions and registering the first our of our 323 patents.

We have always been swift to bring innovative products to both existing and emerging markets, with the result that our products are often regarded as 'the standard'. For over 30 years Amaray remains the leading brand in media packaging around the world. As creators of the world renown DVD and Blu-ray case, we continue to produce cases in 9 locations, supplying the entire global film industry.

The key to our historical success has been the understanding of technological advances to aid the development and implementation of high performance manufacturing cells with automation. We remain committed to our suppliers and build long-term partnerships that deliver true value to our customers.

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