Your innovative partner for plastic injection molded solutions worldwide

We are a high volume, highly efficient, highly automated plastic injection molding company. that delivers added value and quality. Our success has been built on solutions that enhance packaging performance, enrich peoples lives and drive sales throughout the world.

We deliver exceptional service in design, development, production and delivery, offering our customers' who want to stand out from the crowd a seamless manufacturing solution.

Delivering cost effective, highly engineered plastic solutions

Combining high velocity material flow, rapid cycle times, high cavitation molds, and automation, we continue to produce cost effective plastic products for our customers’ who seek quality and consistency every time.

Through versatility, extensive capabilities, and a unique service offering, we assist global brands in developing and delivering new innovative products to personal care, media, pharmaceutical, food, and home care markets worldwide.

Meeting needs | exceeding expectations.

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Committed to design, innovation, and manufacturing excellence, we are ideally positioned as your innovative partner, anywhere in the world. 

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