Making good things, better.

Our purpose to ‘Making good things, better’ sets us apart from our competitors. It guides what we do and how we do it.

It ensures we maintain our momentum to constantly deliver value to our customers, about moving swiftly to execute plans, about being infatuated with a sense of urgency and continuous improvement.

It inspires; our people, our products, our strategy, our social responsibility, and our communication, uniting our approach to ultimately deliver a unique and satisfying experience to all customers.

The services we provide include...

Amaray Innovative Products    Amaray Transfer for success    Amaray Plastic Injection Molding


and our capabilities...

Everything we do brings brands and consumers closer together.

Through versatility, extensive capabilities, and a unique service offering, we assist global brands in developing and delivering new innovative plastic products and packaging to personal care, media, pharmaceutical, food, and home care markets worldwide.

Combining high velocity material flow, rapid cycle times, high cavitation molds, and automation, we mold cost effective plastic packaging for brands seeking quality and consistency every time.

In addition, our services also include the option for customers to transfer their existing molds to our facilities to mitigate risk, ensure product integrity, and to remain competitive by means of cost control. Through the utilization of automation we guarantee repeatability, secure and efficient execution, with better up-time, higher quality and highly efficient production.




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More than an injection molder we're committed to consumers, design, innovation, and manufacturing excellence.

We're ideally positioned as your innovative plastic partner, anywhere in the world. 

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